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Trussardi Scent of Gold Eau De Parfum

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Scent Of Gold by Trussardi 100ml Eau De Parfum

The fragrance of gold does not exist yet it is everywhere. Found in dreams and desires, it is the child of every longing of nature, a mineral full of luster and light.

Scent of Gold, the third fragrance of Trussardi Parfumexclusive collection after Amber Oud and The Black Rose, is born from this legend that began at the dawn of time.

Fragrance Notes:

Scent of Gold is a luxurious Eau de Parfum that belongs to the oriental-woody-spicy family. A clever play of contrasts is created upon these sugary, liqueur-like notes wrapped in the velvet mantle of black orchid and warmed by the aroma of Madagascar spices. Sweet, woody cinnamon blends with fresh, luminous bergamot. The inebriating scent of jasmine melts into the green notes of violet leaves. The eternal duality of sweet vanilla and bitter tobacco arrives with an unmistakable oriental hint of patchouli.

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