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Sospiro Laylati Eau De Parfum

by Sospiro
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99.000 BHD

Laylati is a stark and mysterious scent. A blend of smoldering and exotic herbs bring about an unusual yet seductive start to the scent. Rising from those ashes is a hint of smoked cedar and complex patchouli working to create a dark, animalic and resinous blend. Vanilla, tobacco and musk continue the mystery, rounding out the composition to a smooth, polished and full bodied experience. Laylati Notes Green notes, patchouli, cedar, musk, vanilla, tobacco. The Sospiro fragrance collection is presented in collaboration with the perfume house of Xerjoff. Masterful perfume creations of the highest quality that are unrivaled anywhere. The best raw materials form the basis for the perfumer, and offer him the opportunity to accomplish the finest perfume creations. The love for special perfumes is not only evident in the exceptional fragrances but also in the exquisitely created flacons crowned a with massive gold metal cap.

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