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Nishane Spice Bazaar Extrait De Parfum 50ml

by Nishane
51.000 BHD

Initially aromatic and bright, spice bazaar is a tantalizing, high-speed chase. A tri-coloured thoroughbred named lean mean green (juniper, yuzu and rosemary) gallops out of the gate. But then, ginger, otherwise known as that ever-bewitching rhizome racer famed for her unique, light-weight cedarwood horseshoes, rushes lean mean green and overtakes the thoroughbred in a cool heat, paving the way for a pack of even spicier contenders. Sure thing cinnamon cruises past the rhizome racer, neck-in-neck with calamitous cumin, while the peppered punk's palomino passes that familiar chestnut, the insatiable saffron. The cloud of dust that rises in their wake is a soft powder that settles on fans, a cloud of concentrated, dehydrated vanilla. The drama of the track (or, less metaphorically, of the spice rack) is irresistible; this extrait is powerfully revitalizing. Make a bet on any of these contenders, and you're guaranteed a win. With spice bazaar, you can't lose.

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