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Nasomatto Absinth (U) Eau De Parfum 30ML

49.500 BHD

Nasomatto Absinth by Nasomatto Perfume. Nasomatto Absinth is a remarkable blend of green and woody accords. This fragrance is meant to evoke feelings of out-of-control behavior. Historically, absinthe had a reputation for causing hallucinations, and this is precisely the impression that the fragrance seeks to represent. The fragrance contains wormwood, green notes and vetiver, resulting in an exceptionally green scent with a hint of bitterness and just a touch of woodiness. Absinthe is normally flavored with wormwood and anise, and although the fragrance does not contain anise, it does perfectly convey the slightly herbal bitterness that absinthe has. Fragrance Families: woody spicy
Top Notes: wormwood, spices, citrus, pepper, green notes
Heart Notes: vetiver
Base Notes : musk, patchouli, gourmand

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