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Nishane Munegu Extrait De Parfum 50ml

by Nishane
51.000 BHD

Munegu knits together multiple strands of boozy, earthy, and spicy notes together in a richly embroidered tapestry of a scent. In doing so, munegu perhaps best exemplifies the aesthetic of nishane, which unites the aromas of the many different cultures that mingle in istanbul, the meeting point between east and west.In the opening, we get a wonderful blast of cumin-flecked orange and woods, reminiscent of the fresh-but-dirty eaux de colognes so beloved of the french, followed by a very dry, earthy patchouli from indonesia that brings in the flavor of the exotic east. A surprising flourish of creamy, buttery ylang ylang injects a humid tropical breeze that lifts the patchouli, carrying it aloft on a floating bed of spice and heat. A rugged, almost leathery amber resin tugs us in the direction of arabia felix. In parts, though, we can feel the fragrance drifting westwards towards paris again, especially in its judicious use of a rosy, minty geranium leaf note. If you consider yourself a multi-culturist, then make a point of trying this. Munegu is a gorgeous push-and-pull of a scent, a melting pot where the exotic earth and spice of faraway islands mix with the greener and fresher notes of western perfumery.

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