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Montale Sweet Peony Eau De Parfum 100ML

by Montale
31.430 BHD

In 2017, peony lovers were pleased with the novelty from Montale - a women's fragrance, which is called Sweet Peony. The flower fruit composition really turned out to be very sweet, persistent and stub, so putting on a perfume is best in cool weather. The notes of Sweet Peony are best revealed in the non-hot air, and this is a luxurious peony at the start, a juicy ripe peach, rose, jasmine and coconut in medium tones. In the base chord, jasmine comes out on top. Sandalwood does not sound so intense. The substrate acquires interesting shades thanks to coffee and a special clove. Fragrance notes: Peony, jasmine, rose, peach, coconut, sandalwood, cloves, vanilla, coffee

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