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Montale Black Aoud Eau De Parfum 100ml Luxury Box

by Montale
38.290 BHD

Montale Black Aoud is a dramatic fragrance but don't confuse that with overly strong. It's medium bodied and very rich, a bubbling potion of velvety rose and the old leather feel of labdanum, mixed with mystical oud tree oils. It's a rare journey somewhere where you've probably never been and will beg to return to all it takes is a little whiff of this amazing, rare elixir. If you seek a deeply incensed rose and sandalwood fragrance, one that would have scented the brightly dyed pillows of a harem, you need look no further. Inspired by the beauty and hidden secrets of the Eastern world, between learning process and pure marvel, he composes with confidential and millennial olfactory materials such as rose, incense, amber, cedar, precious woods and a thousand other wonderful scents like happy ointments or love potions.

Fragrance Notes

Velvety Rose, Old Leather, Labdanum, Oud Tree Oils, Incensed Rose And Sandalwood.

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