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Laboratorio Olfattivo Rosamunda Eau De Parfum

60.000 BHD

Laboratorio Olfattivo Rosamunda, created by Marie Duchne, brings together the two-faced essence of the rose: pure expression of inviolate femininity, elegant and infinitely beautiful floral icon during the day, mutates into a creature almost corrupt during the night, dressing succinctly sensual clothes of notes deep, provocative, material.
In Rosamunda Laboratorio Olfattivo, the perfumer has distilled unlimited quantities of Bulgarian rose and Turkish rose petals, soiled the incorruptible beauty of the flower with patchouli oil, with the intention, perhaps, of making it more "earthy" and redesigning the contours of her perfume in an even more seductive way.

Fragrance Notes

Top notes: saffron, rose leaves
Heart notes: essence of Bulgarian rose, absolute of Turkish rose, patchouli
Base notes: oudh, cedar, sandalwood, amber, animal musk.

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