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Anfas Samaha (U) EDP 75ML

by Anfas
105.000 BHD


Waiting for that moment when you'll meet again that special someone fills time with emotion. During this time that seems suspended, arises a sentiment of excitement and patience, meanwhile expectations keep germinating. And there, in that moment of perfection, the magic happens: the joy unfolds as would the petals of an entire garden, all simultaneously. As soon as you look at each other, your eyes reconstruct the face of the one standing right in front of you - its expressions, its features. And then everything subsides, any tension vanishes. The air spreads the scent of a poem that smells of a delicate caress and that has the consistency of a cloud of romanticism as well as the shape of a flower to offer as a gift.

SAMAHA is a flower bouquet that smells of freshly cut flowers. The fragrance unveils a delicate and graceful character that speaks of kindness, of selflessness and of this dignified emotion that one feels when anxiously waiting to meet someone.

Delicate florals are in the centre of the Anfas Samaha Eau de Parfum, accompanied by light and aromatic notes. While the perfume opens with a merge of sea and citrus accords, the rose, jasmine and rosebay willowherb heart of the scent ensures an elegant, floral character that's timeless and versatile. Presented in the signature Anfas glass bottle, Samaha is a lavish addition to beauty routines.

Fragrance Notes

Top notes: Sea Notes, Citruses

Heart notes: Jasmine, Rose, Neroli, Rosebay Willowherb

Base notes: Cedar, Musk

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